Medical Marijuana Use Registry

The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is a secure, electronic and online database for the registration of qualified physicians and patients.

MMUR Identification Cards

Learn how to apply for a Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) identification card.


Instructional Guides

Our step-by-step instructional guides can walk you through the most common tasks in the Registry.

Log into the Registry

Access the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by clicking the "log in" button below.


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Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Cards

Once a qualified patient is added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by their qualified physician, the patient must apply for a Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Card. If the patient requires the medical assistance of a caregiver, the caregiver must also be added to the Registry by the patient’s qualified physician and obtain a Registry Identification Card.

For step-by-step instructions and other resources, visit our Registry Identification Cards page.

ID Card Sample
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Having Trouble Logging In?

    • Patients and Caregivers: Your username is the email address that you supplied your qualified physician. Please note, if you do not provide your qualified physician with an email address, you will not have access to the Registry.
    • Physicians: Your username is the one you created while self-registering in the Registry.
    • Law Enforcement: Contact your agency's Executive User to obtain your username.

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Instructional Guides

Need help completing a specific task in the Registry? View our step-by-step instructional guides below to walk you through the tasks that the OMMU receives the most questions about.

Qualified Physicians

Creating & Maintaining Your Registry Profile:
        Creating my account/Self-registering in the Registry
        Logging in for the first time
        Resetting my password
        Changing my email address in the Registry
        Emails from the OMMU are not coming to my inbox
        Deactivating a patient from under my care
        Activating an existing patient under my care

Creating Patients & Caregivers:
        Creating a New Patient Using FLHSMV Database
        Creating a New Patient Manually
        Creating a New Patient with No SSN
        Creating a New Seasonal Patient
        Creating a New Caregiver Using FLHSMV Database
        Creating a New Seasonal Caregiver
        Adding an Existing Caregiver to a Patient's Profile

Orders & Certifications:
        Creating a Certification and Orders
        Editing/Canceling Orders
        Adding an order for edibles
        Closing a certification
        Reporting an adverse event
        Reporting a reduction in a patient’s controlled substance dependency

Certification Documentation Dashboard & Submitting Required Forms:
        Understanding the New Certification Documentation Dashboard
        Submitting Board-Required "Same Kind or Class" Documentation
        Submitting Board-Required "Appropriate Route" Documentation
        Submitting the Second Physician Concurrence Form
        Submitting the Consent for Minor Patient Form
        Submitting the Request for Exception Form