Law Enforcement

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use is committed to working hand-in-hand with law enforcement throughout the implementation of section 381.986, F.S.  and Amendment 2.

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida for qualified patients within Florida's Medical Marijuana Program. The Florida Department of Health (Office of Medical Marijuana Use), physicians, medical marijuana treatment centers and patients are bound by Article X Section 29 of the Florida Constitution and section 381.986, Florida Statutes.

The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is a secure, online database for the registration of qualified physicians, patients and their orders. It is accessible by patients, qualified physicians, law enforcement, medical marijuana treatment center staff and Office of Medical Marijuana Use staff.


The OMMU has created two resources for law enforcement officers to utilize while out in the field. Available in a 3" x 5" Tip Card and a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) format, the resources linked below provide helpful information regarding the legal use of medical marijuana and product packaging requirements. Please download and disperse this information as needed.

Legal Use Tip Card | MDT
Packaging Requirements Tip Card | MDT

Training and Presentations

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement offers medical marijuana training to all members of law enforcement pursuant to section 381.986, F.S. Officers can access the Medical Marijuana in Florida: A Law Enforcement Reference Guide through CJNET.

The OMMU's Outreach Team is also able to provide presentations and/or trainings to interested law enforcement organizations. If you would like to schedule a presentation by a representative from the OMMU, please email Todd Schimpf at


Pursuant to section 381.987, F.S. the department allows access to confidential and exempt information in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry to law enforcement agencies that are investigating a violation of law regarding marijuana in which the subject of the investigation claims an exception established under section 381.986, F.S.

A person who willfully and knowingly violates this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or, s. 775.083, F.S.

Executive Users

It is recommended that each law enforcement organization assign an Executive User for their organization. Executive Users have the ability to create and manage additional user accounts within their organizations.

To assign an individual as an Executive User in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, please view our instructional guide on Becoming an Executive User.


Reporting to the OMMU

Section 381.986(5)(d)-(e), F.S., states the Department of Health shall immediately suspend the registration of a qualified patient or caregiver who is charged with a violation of chapter 893 until final disposition of any alleged offense.

There is no automated notification to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) that a person has been charged with a violation of chapter 893, F.S. Therefore, the OMMU relies on criminal justice agencies to report violations that are grounds for suspending or revoking registrations.

Report violations via email to Please include the words “Confidential pursuant to s. 119.071(2), F.S.” in the subject line or body of the email message. That flags the information as confidential and exempt from disclosure. Please provide the individual's name, DOB, Patient ID (if applicable), and any pertinent details of the violation (date of occurrence, case number, etc.).


If you have questions or need assistance in navigating the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, please dial (850) 245-4657 and select Option 2 to speak with Technical Support.

You may also view our Instructional Guides, here.

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