Rules and Regulations


All rulemaking notices, notices of hearings and notices of workshops can be found in the Department of State Florida Administrative Register (FAR). You can search for OMMU FAR notices by chapter number 64-4.

Florida Administrative Code Chapter 64-4

Rule Number Rule Title Effective Date
64-4.001 Definitions 9/19/2018
64-4.002 Initial Application Requirements for Dispensing Organizations 6/17/2015
64-4.004 Revocation of Dispensing Organization Approval 6/17/2015
64-4.005 Inspection and Authorization Procedures 6/17/2015
64-4.009 Compassionate Use Registry 6/17/2015
64-4.011 Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Cards 7/31/2018
64-4.013 Pesticide Use on Medical Marijuana 12/20/2021
64-4.023 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Variance Procedure 1/10/2019
64-4.202 MMTC Inspection Procedures 6/10/2020
64-4.207 MMTC Waste Management and Disposal 12/20/2021
64-4.208 MMTC Background Screening 6/10/2020
64-4.210 MMTC Fines, Suspension, and Revocation 6/10/2020
64-4.212 MMTC Regulatory Compliance Testing 12/20/2021
64-4.213 MMTC Remediation 12/20/2021


Office of Medical Marijuana Use Constitutional Regulations

Regulation Number  Regulation Title Effective Date
2021-01 Implementation and Enforcement of Article X, section 29 of the Florida Constitution 10/13/2021


Emergency Rules

CMTL Emergency Rules

64ER20-1 CMTL Definitions

Title 26 C.F.R. § 1.414(c)-4 (4-1-19 edition)

64ER20-3 CMTL Testing
64ER20-4 CMTL On-Site Inspection
64ER20-6 Standard Operating Procedures
64ER20-7 CMTL Testing Methods

Microbial Testing Methods
Residual Solvents Testing Methods
Heavy Metals Testing Methods
Agricultural Agents Testing Methods
Moisture and Water Activity Testing Methods
Cannabinoids Testing Methods
Validation Methods

64ER20-10 Quality Control Samples
64ER20-11 CMTL Calibration Standards
64ER20-12 CMTL Certificate of Analysis
64ER20-14 Requirements for CMTL Certification and Application

CMTL Application and Instructions

64ER20-15 CMTL Background Screening

CMTL Waiver Agreement and Statement

64ER20-38 Submission of Product for Testing

Emergency rule 64ER20-38 repeals and replaces 64ER20-8, F.A.C.

64ER20-39 CMTL Sample Testing

Emergency rule 64ER20-39 repeals and replaces 64ER20-9, F.A.C.

64ER21-6 CMTL Waste Management and Disposal

Rule 62-730.020, F.A.C. (10/31/2020)

Rule 62-701.200(112), F.A.C. (02/15/2015)

Chapter 62-709, F.A.C. (04/2021)

64ER22-5 CMTL Fines, Suspension, and Revocation
64ER22-6 Renewal Application Requirements for CMTLs

Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory Renewal Application Instructions, Requirements, and Forms 


MMTC Emergency Rules

64ER20-17 MMTC Transition to Testing by Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratories

64ER20-31 Definitions

Emergency Rule 64ER20-31 repeals and replaces 64ER19-4, F.A.C., and amends the existing definitions in Rule 64-4.001, F.A.C.

United States Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, 15 U.S.C. ss.1471 et seq, (1-14-2019 edition)

Universal Symbol

64ER20-32 MMTC Packaging and Labeling

Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, Public Law 108-282, Title II (effective 8/2/2004)

64ER20-35 Standards for Production of Edibles

Emergency rule 64ER20-35 repeals and replaces 64ER20-33, F.A.C.

Title 21 CFR § 101.22 (4-1-20 Edition)

64ER21-10 MMTC Authorization Procedures

Request for Authorization

64ER21-13 MMTC Solvent-Based Extraction

“Impurities: Guidelines for Residual Solvents Q3C(R6)” by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (10/20/2016)

Request for Solvent-Based Extraction

64ER21-16 Application for Pigford/BFL MMTC Licensure

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License Application Instructions, Requirements, and Forms for Pigford/BFL Applicants

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Evaluator Instructions Manual for Pigford/BFL Batching Cycle

64ER21-19 Application Window for the Pigford/BFL Batching Cycle

64ER22-1 MMTC Financial Assurance

Bond Reduction Form

MMTC Bond Form

64ER22-2 MMTC Trade Name and Logo

64ER22-7 MMTC Website and Website Purchasing

Request for Website or Website Purchasing

64ER22-9 Application for MMTC Licensure

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License Application Instructions, Requirements, and Forms

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Evaluator Instructions Manual

64ER22-10 Renewal Application Requirements for MMTCs

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Renewal Application Instructions, Requirements, and Forms

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Renewal Fee Schedule

64ER23-1 Application Window for April 2023 MMTC Batching Cycle