2022 Pigford/Black Farmers Litigation MMTC Application Process

The applications submitted in accordance with the Department of Health’s Emergency Rule 64ER21-16, “Application for Pigford/BFL MMTC Licensure,” and the Application Instructions are currently in Phase Two Review.  

For copies of the submitted applications, Errors and Omissions (E&O) Letters, and responses to E&O Letters, click on the corresponding “Applicant Name” in the table below.  

Application Number  Applicant Name 
P001-2022  Charles Smith 
P002-2022  Willard Meeks 
P003-2022  Florida Urban Medical and Educational Services, LLC 
P004-2022  Terry Donell Gwinn 
P005-2022  Leola T. Robinson 
P006-2022  FTG Development Inc 
P007-2022  Fred Fisher/Donald Gordon LLC 
P008-2022  RFW Global, LLC 
P009-2022  Moton Hopkins 
P010-2022  Henry Crusaw 
P011-2022  Innovative Fix, LLC 
P012-2022  Shedrick McGriff 

Additional redactions were made to these documents in accordance with sections 119.071(3), (4)(d), and (5)(a), 382.008, 382.025, and 435.09, Florida Statutes, and the claimed exemptions indicated in Section 4.2, “Declaration of Exempt Information,” of the applications.